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NexTweet is a software program that will automate posting of the same tweet(s) daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. NexTweet does not use the Twitter API so the result is similar to someone typing in tweets manually.

      • First click “Lists” and give your new list a name and then either upload a text file with all the tweets you want to repeat or type in the
         tweets one by one, there’s no limit to the number of tweets.

      • Now set the repeat sequence; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and the date and time to start.

      • Also, set an interval between tweets. The time will go by the time of your PC.

      • Save

      • Now, at the set starting date the tweet(s) will be sent.


Use # for key words you want to be searchable in Twitter. This is key as people search twitter by key words and the more often your tweets are out there the greater the chance of someone finding it when they search. We will be adding features shortly and the next features to be added are a. Allowance for images in tweets and b. an auto responder that will send a message to any new follower.

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